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Latinos : remaking America

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Latinos : remaking America
edited by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco and Mariela M. Páez
University of California Press
Updated with a new preface
xxvi, 490 s., illustreret
Papers originally presented at the conference entitled Latinos in the 21st century : mapping the research agenda, held in April 2000 at Harvard University
0520258274, 978-0-520-25827-3, 978-0-520-23487-1
Latinos: Remaking America - Preface to the 2009 Edition - Acknowledgments - Introduction: The Research Agenda - Part 1 - Histories, Migrations, and Communities - "Y tu, que?" (Y2K): Latino History in the New Millennium - Islands and Enclaves: Caribbean Latinos in Historical ... Perspective - Power and Identity: Miami Cubans - Commentary - Community Dynamics and the Rise of Street Gangs - Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in School and Work Outcomes of Second-Generation Mexican Americans - Unions and Latinos: Mutual Transformation - Commentary - Two Nations under God? Latino Religious Life in the United States - Ambivalent Reception: Mass Public Responses to the "New" Latino Immigration to the United States - Resurrecting Exclusion: The Effects of 1996 U.S. Immigration Reform on Communities and Families in Texas, El Salvador, and Mexico - Commentary - Part 2 - Health, Families, Languages, Education, and Politics - The Latino Health Research Agenda for the Twenty-first Century - Latinos' Access to Employment-based Health Insurance - Commentary - Families on the Frontier: From Braceros in the Fields to Braceras in the Home - Ambiguous Loss: Risk and Resilience in Latino Immigrant Families - The Plasticity of Culture and Psychodynamic and Psychosocial Processes in Latino Immigrant Families - Commentary - Bilingual Infants: Mapping the Research Agenda - Latin@ Languages and Identities - Learning English in California: Guideposts for the Nation - Commentary - The Schooling of Latino Children - Affirmative Action, X Percent Plans, and Latino Access to Higher Education in the Twenty-first Century - Commentary - Forever Seen as New: Latino Participation in American Elections - Gender and Citizenship in Latino Political Participation - Commentary - Epilogue: Problematic Paradigms: Racial Diversity and Corporate Identity in the Latino Community - Afterword: American Projections   Vis mere Vis mindre