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There are approx 638,000 records of sheet music at Danixh libraries and published in Denmark in
They can also be found using "All formats" - if you use the tab "Sheet music" you'll only find that.
You can type all search terms in the box at the top - or be more specific by using the boxes below that.
Point at ?, if you need help where to type your search terms If you're searching sheet music from a specific country or a specific style:
Start searching the format you want e.g. sheets for piano.
Then use Refine your search to the left of your search result - here you'll find e.g. genre and subject (including countries).
Searching specific instruments
Click the + to see subcategories.
Use Refine your search when you see your search result using the left column.
E.g. use Subject to find a specific style og country.