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The Spectrum book of games (Engelsk)

Mike James

  1. Book

Microwars on the Commodore 64 (Engelsk)

Humphrey Walwyn

  1. Book

Creating arcade games on your ZX Spectrum (Engelsk)

Daniel Haywood

  1. Book

Basic computer games (Engelsk)

David H. Ahl

  1. Book

49 explosive games for the ZX81 (Engelsk)

Tim Hartnell

  1. Book

The A to Z book of computer games (Engelsk)

Thomas C. McIntire

  1. Book

34 amazing games for 1K ZX81 (Engelsk)

Alastair Gourlay

  1. Book

Games to play on your ZX spectrum (Engelsk)

Martin Wren-Hilton

  1. Book

The Nintendo official magazine

  1. Varoius materials

Computer gaming world : the #1 computer game magazine

  1. Journal